Choosing Glasses – How We Can Help

When you need new glasses make sure you ask your optician to help you choose the frames.  They are experienced and will be able to select something that suits you very quickly.  They will be able to match your colouring and balance your face shape.  If you have a square jaw then rounder glasses will bring softness.  The optician will also be able to suggest the best match for your colouring.

There are thousands of different frames to choose from so you will need some help.  The optician will have a look at your face shape and features.  Fashion also comes into the equation and you will need to have some idea of how they will look once the lenses are added.

Lifestyle is also very important.  What are your glasses for?  Do you want them to make you look professional, fun, sporty, intelligent or trendy?  Whatever, there’s glasses to suit everyone.  Take your time choosing and listen to advice from the experts.

If you make use of our home eye test then we can help you choose from a wide variety of glasses frames, all in the comfort of your own home.  Get in touch now to find out more: Contact Us

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