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Providing FREE NHS Eye Tests at home for clients who have trouble getting to the High Street on their own.

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Our Process

Booking a home eye test with Care Opticians is straightforward. A phone call is all we need from you and we will happily handle the rest.

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    Call us today and book a home eye test with your local Care Optician at date and time that best suits you.

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    Home Eye test

    Your local Care Optician will visit your home and conduct a comprehensive eye test. We will provide various frame options and assist you in choosing a frame that is right for you.

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    Receive glasses

    We ensure that the frames you have chosen are fitted with your prescription and our optician will bring them to your home within two weeks.

About Us

Care Opticians believe that every person deserves the good quality of life that comes with good vision, which is why we specialise in offering a home visit optician service. Our highly trained Care Opticians perform comprehensive eye health checks on all clients that are visited. This includes spectacle prescription, screening for Glaucoma, Cataract, Macula Degeneration, as well as systematic disorders such as Diabetes and blood pressure.

All of our team are continually undertaking further training, including; Dry Eye Care Specialist Training, Low Vision Aid Training, Dementia Training, Alzheimer’s Training, Safe Guarding Adults Training

If you are looking for quality and comprehensive home eye tests in North West London contact Care Opticians North West London today and book your optician visit.

The Team

Sai and Visha are directors of Care Opticians North West London. Sai is an experienced and passionate optician who is passionate about eye care for the elderly. Sai found purpose through working with Care Opticians his passion for eye care has led to a successful practice.